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We strive to put a correct, intelligent, loving miniature donkey on the ground that is every bit as good, if not just a little better, than their parents.  Bone structure is number one priority, if it isn't there the animal is not going to be able to function as a performance animal and is not going to be able to do the work that they were originally bred to do, pull wagons/carts.  In this area we feel that size matters, we want something that is going to be more than just a pasture pet so we try not to breed below 32" though a teeny, tiny does pop up now and then.  Our very first jack Circle C Clearly Canadian (Cinnamon) is just 30.5" and we use him on first time jennets hoping that their first baby is not going to be really big and a difficult birthing problem for them.

We are also concerned about attitude.  If the intelligence to learn new things and retain the old isn't there, the animal isn't going to be of use.  We want our donkeys to have a willing attitude and kindly look about the eye.

And of course, they should be very accepting of human company, seeking it out whenever possible.

We never breed for color; that is just frosting and if the underlying structure isn't there, color won't get the job done.  We do have a wide variety of colors but all serendipitous.  

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