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Jennet DOB 8/3/12 Sold.  Thank you Tammy. Teeny, tiny Tisp could walk under her mother when born.  Where she came

from we have no idea.  Neither of her parents are anywhere near this small we can only determine there was a mix up in the cosmos somewhere when her genetics were being determined.  We were very worried about her safety when born cause her mom is rough, and I do mean rough with her newborns.  Nosing them to the point that they have gone flying and we've thought we might have to separate them for their own safety.  Not with Tisp, Spring was so very, very careful of every footfall, every movement for weeks and she wouldn't let any other donkey mom or baby near for almost a month even though Tisp was feisty and so badly wanted to play with the "big kids".  Don't let her size fool you, she gets her share of everything and probably a bit more as every human wants to cuddle and give her extra treats, scratches and attention.  She is going to make a tremendous addition to someones herd who is breeding for the teeny tinys.

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