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Jennet - DOB 4/26/12 Charade is one of the most trusting and "want to be loved" youngsters we've ever had.

Somehow last summer ('13) she came up with a laceration (where do they find this stuff?!!?) that required 3 stitches so it was stall confinement with a friend for a few days.  Twice a day she had to be medicated for 5 days and after day 2 she didn't need a halter or rope, just stood.  Of course she got heaps of attention and a few cookies for such outstanding behavior.  Since then she is trying to achieve that level of attention every time she has the chance.  And no, no one can tell where she was injured or even that it happened.  Good hearted and so very willing to please, someone will be very lucky indeed to get Charade.
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