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Circle C Armani What a guy!  We have had such fun with this fellow and he has taught us so much.

 We had several jacks when Armani was offered to us and it was not easy justifying bringing yet another donkey home but are we ever glad we did.  He was a bit of a pill and something of a handful at first, constantly showing off for the always present girls.  "Look at me!  Look at me!  Here I am! No, I do NOT want to stand still, there are girls over there!!"  We learned that when he was reprimanded he got his feelings hurt so we had to get the point across without making him feel bad or he'd shut down.  Meredith finally convinced him that a "quit" wasn't the end of life as he knew it and training proceeded.  Carefully.  (Some of his offspring have inherited his sensitivity)  And then he started the show circuit.  He did very, very well.  To his utter joy, he has been put out to stud for the past 2 summers.  Yes, he does hand breed but gets the job done in the pasture as well.  Good thing cause he has gotten 2 girls pregnant that I would have given up on, so glad he did not!  He continues to mellow with age, still gets his feelings hurt if things don't go as he thinks they should (why did that other guy get scratched first?!?) and this year (2014) will be shown again at least once.


2009   Circle C Armani  ~Green
Eugene, OR   Northwest Mule & Donkey Championships

2&3 yr old  Halter Jacks   1st
Trail   4th      out of 12
Jumping   3rd

Res. Champion Halter Jack

Red Bluff, CA  NCMDS

Trail  1st          out of 15
Jumping    2nd      out of 12
2&3yr old Halter Jacks 1st

Champion Halter Jack
2010 ~ Green  Circle C Armani
Gold Hill Triple Challenge
Cones  1st
Stadium Trail  1st
CC In-Hand Trail  4th
CC Drive  4th
Jumping 3+   1st

Versatility Champ.
Driving Res. Champ.
In-Hand Res. Champ.
Santa Rosa, CA   WCMDC

Trail   4th             out of 10
Hurry Scurry    1st    out of 12
Scramble      1st      out of 12
Showmanship   1st   out of 7
4-9 yr Jack halter  2nd   out of 6
Pleasure Driving   2nd   out of 8
Reinsmanship   1st    out of 7
Coon Jumping    2nd   out of 9
Jumping   5th    out of 9
Obstacle Driving  1st   out of 8
Gamblers Choice   2nd
Single Stake Driving  3rd   out of 8
Pole Bending  3rd   out of 8
Barrels  3rd   out of 8
Big T    4th    out of 8
Best of Show
Champion Green
Yreka, CA   Shasta Mini Donkeypalooza
Trail   2nd  
Showmanship  1st
3&4 yr Halter Jacks   1st
Pleasure Driving   2nd
Reinsmanship   1st
Coon Jumping    2nd
Hurry Scurry   1st
Scramble   1st
Jumping    4th
Single Stake  2nd
Pole Bending  1st
Big T   1st
Snigging  1st
Champion Green
Eugene, OR   Northwest Mule & Donkey Championships
Trail   1st  out of 7
Showmanship  1st   out of 5
4-9 yr Halter Jack   1st   out of 3
Champion Halter Jack
Jumping  1st   out of 6
Coon Jumping  3rd   out of 4
Snigging  2nd   out of 4
Pleasure Driving  1st   out of 5
Reinsmanship  1st   out of 5
Obstacle Driving  1st   out of 5
Gamblers Choice   2nd   out of 4
Barrels   2nd    out of 5
Keyhole  1st    out of 4
Pole Bending  1st    out of 5
Champion Green
Red Bluff, CA    NCMDS ~ Nationals
Trail   4th
Showmanship   2nd
4-9 yr Halter Jack   4th
Reinsmanship   4th
Barrels   3rd
Pole Bending   3rd
Big T    3rd
Snigging   2nd
Jumping   3rd
Hurry Scurry   1st

Champion Green

Additional Info

  • DOB: Thursday, 25 May 2006
  • Color: Black
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