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Circle C Clearly Canadian aka Cinnamon  Our very first jack, the grand pooh-bah of the ranch.  

Up until we bought Cinnamon, we'd borrowed a jack from a very good friend, Connie Dreistadt while we lived in South Carolina but once we moved to Idaho that was no longer going to work so we went jack hunting.  We attended the Cooke sale in Canada, just to look (yeah, right says Larry) and between sale events happened to get ourselves thanks to Sharon into the pen of for sale 2 year old jacks.  Turns out Cinnamon picked us since he would not let other young jacks get near us.  We were his!  I've appreciated his intelligence ever since.  He is savvy about breeding and consistently throws a lovely baby-doll head.  We use him on first time jennets hoping a smaller foal won't be as traumatic at foaling time for them.  His offspring have done exceptionally well in the show ring and have good temperaments and willing attitudes.

Additional Info

  • DOB: Friday, 16 July 1999
  • Color: Brown
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