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PJ (DOB 7/22/97) Lovely, sweet and so even tempered we are indeed fortunate to have 

acquired PJ.  She has the softest silky coat of any donkey I've ever met and she has the good grace to pass on to her foals an easy going personality.  We've been so pleased with her offspring.  Bred to Motown we currently have a coming 3 year old jack from that cross.  Wow, probably the only one of his offspring that can keep up with him.  And he has a long curly coat as well.  Current baby Cavalier, is also going to be a keeper for someone.  His father is Cinnamon so he of course has that baby doll head we so love.  
PJ had some very nasty medical issues 4 years ago and as a result had to be doctored every single day for a month and then every other day for another month.  Never once was she hard to catch or ugly about the bandaging, soaking or shots.  She has great character and we're seeing that in her offspring.  Just wish she'd give us a jennet.....

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