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Beaujoulais DOB 5/13/15  Lovely red jack.  Takes after his mother in color and after his father

Lil Angels Rhoda has produced 2 outstanding foals since acquiring her.  And best of all she seems

Jennet DOB 8/3/12 Sold.  Thank you Tammy. Teeny, tiny Tisp could walk under her mother when born.  Where she came

PJ (DOB 7/22/97) Lovely, sweet and so even tempered we are indeed fortunate to have 
Amaruela (DOB 8/30/09) is our first Motown baby and a daughter to boot!  I could hardly wait for 
Jennet - DOB 4/26/12 Charade is one of the most trusting and "want to be loved" youngsters we've ever had.

Jennet - DOB 3/30/12 Dark Star is one of 3 Armani jennet foals of 2012.  

Circle C Armani What a guy!  We have had such fun with this fellow and he has taught us so much.

Additional Info

  • DOB Thursday, 25 May 2006
  • Color Black

Circle C Clearly Canadian aka Cinnamon  Our very first jack, the grand pooh-bah of the ranch.  

Additional Info

  • DOB Friday, 16 July 1999
  • Color Brown
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