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Welcome to the world of Miniature Donkeys!

Loving, smart and willing to be a life-long partner, miniature donkeys are a most wonderful addition to most any acreage.  We got our first mini in 1996 after I saw an ad in the local Thrifty Nickel for miniature donkeys.  I'd never seen one before and my curiosity, getting the better of me, I went to look.  As I drove into the farm yard, there was a jennet with a very young foal bouncing about their pasture. So, so cute!  After talking to their owner for a few minutes she asked if I'd like to meet the pair up close and personal.  Of course I said "Yes!" and into the pasture we went.  Having been raised on a ranch with multiple moms and babies of numerous species I was not at all expecting such a joyous and loving welcome from baby and mom.  I could not believe how friendly and accepting of a stranger they were.  Mom wanted to be pet and scratched but was not at all offended if either her owner or I wanted to pet the baby.  And the baby was so happy to have attention.  Wow!  I was hooked.  So 2 weeks later Serena came to live with us much to the horror of our 4 horses.  They were petrified of poor little Serena.  And Serena was not very pleased to be anywhere near them either, given that attitude, though she had been running in a pasture with yearling thoroughbreds.  Six weeks later, Murphy came to live with us as well.
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We have learned much in the intervening years.  Yes, Serena and Murphy are still with us and will be.  They have taught us that donkeys are not meant to be lone animals.  They have taught us that donkeys are very very loving and accepting of human stupidity.  And they have taught us to have patience.  Lots and lots of patience.

We breed only to try and better what is already on the ground.  Bone structure is paramount, attitude is right there as well.  We do not breed for color, that is just frosting on the cake and if we get some, great and if not that's OK as long as the other components are there.  We are striving for performance animals that can pull carts with ease and look great while doing it.  

We are for the first time in many years in the position to offer some outstanding young jacks for sale, sons of national high point jacks and sons of legends.  And after several years of having multiple jack offspring, the herd has finally given us some jennets that we are proud to offer for sale as well.




Pelligrino was an absolute doll for his first vet and farrier visit at his new home

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